Gosh, it’s like the Left has figured The Lincoln Project out or somethin’. Which is bad news for the group of overrated and overpaid trolls because they have burned so many bridges on the Right that if Trump loses they will serve absolutely zero purpose, which is a reminder that nobody needs Trump to win more than the Lincoln Project.

After their cute little segment on 60 Minutes, Twitter was all a-flutter with many tweets from the Left talking about not trusting them, pointing out they were ok with some racism (you know, since the GOP is super racist or something), and even questioning the monies they’ve raised and where those monies are going.

Seems Rick Wilson’s tweets were front and center though:

Yeah, Rick. Where was your Confederate cooler?

Who are we to argue with William here?

Trump was too mean and loud for their tastes.

Or he refused to hire one of them …

Just sayin’.

This doesn’t seem to have gone the way they thought it would.

Oof. Ties to the Proud Boys and a Confederate cooler?

This though is our favorite takeaway on the segment from Twitter:


Also, had to throw this zinger from Jerry Dunleavy in, just for snits and giggles:

As we said before, overrated and overpaid trolls.



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