Joe Biden isn’t the first Democrat the media have handled with kid gloves but C’MON MAN! If Trump had claimed he attended an HBCU school like Delaware State University (when he did not), the media would eviscerate him nonstop babbling about cultural appropriation and other white privilege nonsense.

Jonathan Turley spelled this out it in a far smarter way than we ever could.

Take a look:

Oh, it’s clear to us why the many media in attendance didn’t say boo when Sleepy Joe lied.

They didn’t want to.

That ‘Joe Biden is the president we need because orange man bad’ narrative ain’t gonna write itself ya’ know.

Because it’s not true.

And the media seem fine with that.

Wait until we start seeing the tweets about how in touch Biden is with people of color because of his time at an HBCU.

You know it’s coming … and all based on a lie:

From Fox News:

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden alleged on the campaign trail last year that he had jumpstarted his academic career at Delaware State University.

However, according to a new report in The Washington Times, the historically Black college refutes Biden’s claims.

The director of news service for Delaware State, Carlos Holmes, said that the former vice president was never a student, though he has made appearances on campus twice before for commencement speeches at the university in Dover.

Which is not actually attending the university.

So either an outright lie or another argument that Biden’s memory ain’t what it used to be and let’s be honest, it was never great.



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