Not lookin’ good for Biden, not one bit.

Oh, the polls out there are claiming otherwise but we all know what the polls meant in 2016.


Bethany Mandel put a fairly amazing thread together comparing the two election years:

Democrats ARE.

That’s why they’re panicking.

They wasted four years trying to remove him instead of actually doing anything for the country. And now they’re running Biden who has been in government since God was a boy and still hasn’t accomplished much except for a racist crime bill?


This. ^

Full transparency, this editor was a YUGE no on Trump in 2016 … voting for him this year.

And Trump is campaigning his arse off TODAY while Biden hides in his basement and allows Obama lackeys to tweet for him.

Not a great campaign, guys.



Not flyover country.

Not even Virginia.

L freakin’ A.

Good luck with that, Team Obama … err … sorry, Team Biden.



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