You’d think purveyors of fake news like NYT would know how to spot ‘fake news’ when they see it but NOPE.

Granted, this is a pretty great bit from The Babylon Bee so MAYBE Robin Pogrebin shared it because she thought it was funny … ok, probably not but anything is possible on Twitter, folks.

Ok, so if she did fall for this it just proves she didn’t read the story.

From The Babylon Bee:

NBA players are honoring the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg this week by wearing pretty lace collars just like Notorious RBG used to wear. In a touching show of respect for the late Justice Ginsburg, and in solidarity with her progressive cause, Lebron James and the LA Lakers took to the court yesterday wearing a stunning variety of delicate white collars inspired by RBG’s wardrobe.

According to several commentators on ESPN, the virtual teleconference crowd fell silent in reverent awe as the players all knelt down and chanted “RBG! RBG! RBG!”

“Yeah, RBG was an amazing person,” said LeBron James after the game. “I have her biography right here and I totally read it right before the game. She was a judge. That’s cool, I respect that. Judges judge things and not everyone can do that. She believed in Black Lives Matter and being on the right side of history and stuff.”

Right side of history and stuff.

Words of wisdom.

But believable.

We snort-laughed.


Babylon Bee just rules.


Considering it’s hard to tell parody from real life with it comes to the Left tells us everything we needed to know about 2020.



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