Chris Hayes has lost it.

Oh, we know you knew that already but no no … he’s REALLY lost it. Like sincerely and totally.

Look at this thread:

As he acts like an overwrought and hysterical Leftist.

Keep going … yeah, it’s annoying and stupid but point and laugh with us.

Libs continue to lose their minds which is why we see tanks in some streets but we digress.


Did Chris forget the local officials kept supplies from their citizens? Obama started separating kids and putting them in cages? And Ukraine … REALLY?!

Trump is not the reason there is ‘ruin and danger’ in America.

Get a mirror.


He’s just awful.


Cripes Chris, calm your mammories. And we thought Joy Reid was off her meds today.

Thinking Chris could definitely use a Snickers bar.

Maybe two.



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