But tell us how you REALLY feel, Mark.

He’s so shy and stuff …

From The Daily Caller:

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows criticized FBI Director Christopher Wray on Friday morning for comments he recently made regarding the security of mail-in election ballots.

Wray testified Thursday before the Senate Homeland Security Committee. During the hearing, he specifically stated that the FBI has “not seen, historically, any kind of coordinated national voter fraud effort in a major election, whether it’s by mail or otherwise.”

Meadows, discussing the 2020 election during an interview on CBS This Morning, stated that the FBI director “has a hard time finding emails in his own FBI, let alone figuring out whether there’s any kind of voter fraud.”


Grenell would be so awesome.

Gosh, we’re not super important analysts and serious conservative writers like our friends at The Dispatch or The Bulwark but it seems like a good many people want Wray fired.

Like now.



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