As Twitchy readers know, members of Mueller’s team just magically … sorry … accidentally managed to wipe not one cellphone, not two cellphones, not even three cellphones but 31 CELLPHONES before the Department of Justice could examine them.

Doing something 31 times is hardly accidental, you know?

Byron York was good enough to cover this as only he can:

A LOT of data down the drain.


Surely, since we’re looking at dozens of phones, it must be SUPER easy to accidentally wipe one, right? Like you just hit this one button for so many seconds and that’s all she wrote?

Oh, wait.



But it was an accident.


Keep going … it gets worse.

Sheesh, Mueller, it took your team a LOT of time to ‘accidentally’ wipe those phones.

Now, why oh why would Mueller’s team have wanted to wipe all of those cellphones? Whatever could they be accidentally hiding?



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