You know what really makes the Left angry?

Besides Trump.

Besides Ted Cruz.

Besides everything.

No, what REALLY makes them angry is anything and everything to do with Gov. Ron DeSantis succeeding in Florida with his handling of the COVID virus. If DeSantis were a Democrat they’d be cheering him on … but then again if he were a Democrat the state would resemble a third-world sh*thole like Oregon so it wouldn’t matter anyway.

But we digress.

DeSantis updated everyone about COVID in Florida and it’s excellent news:

You know, since the state basically reopened.

Less than 5%. Wow.

Not even close to capacity.

Remember when they were telling us it was about flattening the curve and keeping our hospitals from getting overwhelmed? Good times.

Again, excellent.

This is amazing.

DeSantis figured it out … where are all the blue states?

Oh, that’s right. They’re far too busy trying to make their citizens miserable so they hopefully vote for Biden in November.

Cue the freakout:

Holy crap … he does realize it’s a backlog, right?


Which is why they love it.



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