Yup, she went there.

The Bulwark.


From The Bulwark:

With a few notable exceptions, like my estimable colleague Jonathan V. Last, it seems that nobody wants to predict the November 3 election—not the staunchest partisans and particularly not the professional prognosticators. Snake-bit from 2016, they’re all hedging with terms like “the race seems stable” (translation: Biden is comfortably ahead) or “Trump has a 26 percent chance” of winning (which strikes me as CYA).

What the heck, I predict that Joe Biden will win in a landslide. I know, I know, there are all those Trump flotillas out there. And no one knows how the virus will affect turnout. And there could be “shy Trump voters” who will surge to the polls on election day. And the country is so polarized that the era of landslide victories is over. And remember what happened in 2016!

Fine. Most of that could be true, and Biden could still win in a landslide.

And monkeys could fly out of his butt.

Bulwark thinks Biden will win in a landslide.

Think about that for just a minute.


They are certainly doing a lot of articles about how Biden shouldn’t concede, how mail-in voting is super important, that Biden’s mental health is actually AOK while babbling about Russia.


Not to mention how hard they’re working to get Trump to resign.

Not the actions of a party thinking they are winning in a landslide.



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