Chris Cuomo is on a roll … and not in a good way. From the leaked footage of him coaching Cohen to this interview with Peter Strzok, yikes. So many yikes. C’mon, does he really think sane and rational Americans think Strzok is worth listening to about anything?

Then again, let’s not pretend any of his viewers are sane or rational.


He was literally fired.

But sure, he totally knows about election interference.

Wait … he himself DID try and interfere in an election so maybe there is something here.



Because Lisa Page texted him and said so.


We know it was you.


Or at least gave him a heads up about what they’d be discussing.

Seems people are not ready to forgive and forget about the Cohen interview.


Biden is wandering around lost in his backyard.

Man, Chris Cuomo just keeps stepping in it.



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