Barack Obama is still just as melodramatic and annoying as he ever was. He’s basically running for president again since it’s likely his people are writing Joe’s tweets and trying to keep the old man from falling apart at his limited and short engagements so we’re surprised he didn’t give this one to Biden …

Obama blaming climate change. Yeah, we were shocked too. Or not.

Sharyl Attkisson, who Obama spied on during his time in office, was more than happy to fact-check his tweet:

But this fact doesn’t support the notion that a vote for Trump will literally KILL THE PLANET.

It’s just the West Coast, duh.


Ding ding ding.

If he wants to blame any government he should blame California’s.


He was far too busy being super cool and popular to get any actual work done.


Underrated tweet.

Have we introduced you to our new favorite parody? Meet Dr. Karein-Baker Thompkins …

Sadly, she’s so good at the parody thing many aren’t sure if she’s real OR a parody.

Which says a whole lot about the Left these days and ain’t none of it good.