Seems the so-called ‘unity’ ticket is on the verge of losing college-educated white women.


Hey Joe, remember when your VP pick said these riots could and should continue after the election? Good times.

Not to mention Joe’s policies would destroy the suburbs as we know them.

From Politico:

But two months before Election Day, there is an awareness that the final verdict isn’t in. And unlike on the coronavirus — unequivocally a losing issue for the president — many rank-and-file Democrats in the suburbs see a potential upside for Trump on the issue of law and order.

Two Democratic strategists who recently viewed focus groups of suburban voters described high-propensity voters increasingly concerned about unrest in urban centers, though both strategists said it was unclear whether that concern would push them to Biden or to Trump.

One of the strategists described a focus group in which white, college-educated women reacted to the protests by discussing their own property values and, in one woman’s case, her family’s mortgage.

“White women who have college degrees are starting to really get sick of this,” the strategist said.

As this editor is also a college-educated white woman in the suburbs she can attest to this – really sick of it.

Voting Trump.

Oh, and this editor didn’t vote for Trump in 2016.

Suck it up, Democrats.

Guess how this admission went over:

Umm … no.


We’re not owned! We’re not owned!

And you guys know how totally conservative Politico is.



And we’re done here.



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