We know you know already but we’ll say it again.

Candace Owens doesn’t take any prisoners. Whether you agree with her or not, you have to admit she can definitely hold her own in any battle, especially when she’s confronting the rapper who got to interview Joe Biden one-on-one. Guess his team hoped it would help his ‘image’ but all it really did was hurt Cardi B.

This back and forth is one for the ages.

Take a look.

And since Candace tagged Cardi, she responded.

Sort of.

This is seriously a hot dumpster of word salad.


Luckily, Candace clarified:


For not wanting to argue with Candace she sure threw a fit.

That. ^

Fine, entertainment, and sports peeps. You want to have an opinion on important things? Well then SUCK IT UP when people call you out.

*Free education THAN police funding …*

That’s irony, right there.

We got nothin’.

And it’s getting real now.

It was at this point that Cardi went off to Instagram to complain about Candace, so Candace returned the favor.

Cardi snuck one more lame barb in:

Candace responded in kind:

What she said.

Trump is evil, ‘like Plankton on Spongebob.’ We’re starting to think Biden was interviewed by Cardi B because his team knew she would be one of only a handful whose brain works more POORLY than his.




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