We’ve watched CNN pretend they’re not the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party for years, but this ‘bombshell’ about Jake Tapper and Sean Parnell may well put an end to that entire pretense. It’s one thing to spin the news to favor one party, it’s quite another to literally try and interfere in an election to help a vulnerable Democrat.


From Breitbart:

Tapper presents himself on his show and in public as objective and as someone who is not taking partisan sides but merely reporting facts. This decision on his part to reach out to Parnell — sources familiar with the interactions told Breitbart News that Tapper communicated his views on how Parnell should not run against Lamb in a variety of communication forms, including in text messages, Twitter direct messages, and in a phone call — could be viewed as political activism.

“Jake knows exactly what he is doing here,” a source familiar with Tapper’s activities told Breitbart News. “This is a swing district in a swing state — Jake knows that Sean can bring out voters that might otherwise stay home but if they come out, they’re voting for Trump. Those votes could deliver the state and the election to Trump. This is nothing short of a CNN anchor interfering in a national election.”

Some Pennsylvania Republicans were also concerned when asked about this that Tapper—a native of the Keystone State, who often brags about his upbringing in the Philadelphia area—may have interfered in many other elections.


But you know, Jake isn’t biased or anything.

Right? Super shocking.

Richard Grenell, who is campaigning with Parnell, responded.

And then he flat-out asked Jake if this was true … his answer?


But a bunch of anonymous sources and people ‘close to the situation’ say otherwise and we should listen to those sources and people, right?

That’s how this works?

Oh, that’s right.


Maybe we should ask someone at The Atlantic. They seem to be experts when it comes to anonymous sources.



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