Gosh, these wounded vets aren’t buying that Trump disrespected the troops. Color us shocked.

Sharyl Attkisson was good enough to offer a counterpoint to the ridiculous, hateful, repugnant, bullsh*t story The Atlantic tried smearing President Trump with and it’s a doozy. And yes, Trump shared it first but we can see why she retweeted it.

Take a watch:


Serious goosebumps.

Democrats, the Left, and the media can’t get out of their own way. Notice, all of these warriors are more than happy to share their names and not be ‘anonymous sources.’ There’s a reason for that.

See, that’s how it’s supposed to work, media.

And maybe we’re biased ourselves but we give these folks far more credence than some anonymous source claiming this same president said horrible things about dead troops. Or maybe we recognize bullsh*t when we smell it.

Perhaps we should learn to embrace the power of ‘and’.



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