Ok, this editor is officially tired of writing about moronic haters going after Melania Trump for improving the Rose Garden. Seriously. Anyone who has that much time to complain ABOUT A GARDEN needs more to worry about.


Besides, we’d rather write about William Shatner wrecking social justice warriors who are still bent out of shape about him calling ‘cis’ a slur.

So technically, we’re just writing about another group of moronic haters … but at least it’s entertaining.

We don’t know how any of these folks have the energy to be this pissed off all of the time.

So mad.

Yes, one of her (his? we dunno) buddies will absolutely scold Shatner for responding.

It’s what they do when they ‘dogpile’ like this.

Manufactured rage is so HOT right now.

Ask a stupid question:



But …



Someone unintelligent.

That’s a nice way to say stupid, right?

Always trying to make it about themselves. If they only listened to Mr. Shatner instead of taking it as a personal affront that he doesn’t want to be labeled they’d get a lot further. And we’d have a lot less to write about. Heh.


We like that she calls him a name when she claims they’re not calling him a name.


In other words, trolls.

And yup.


This person must be new here.

Receipt delivered.

These folks ran when Kirk responded:


Ain’t that the truth.

Captain Kirk is WISE.



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