The amount of abuse these people heap on Melania Trump should be shocking but sadly we’ve come to expect it from the Left.

You know, the party of tolerance and unity.

They’ve spent hours now attacking FLOTUS and all because she updated the Rose Garden.

Well, that’s not really it. Her big crime is marrying Donald Trump before he was ever a politician and DARING to be our First Lady.

We know, it’s stupid.

But hate isn’t smart.

For example, look eat these idjits claiming her design includes the KKK:

FORGET that those zig-zags were there before.

No no, it’s ‘code’ for all those white supremacists out there.

Surely, being this stupid should be painful, right?

But wait, there’s more!

NBC analyst.

Seems legit.

Twitter really does allow the ugly, crazy, and stupid to come out.


In reality, this is why Melania updated the garden and what her goals were:

We know, it’s super boring compared to patchouli-stinky toads screeching about Nazis but the reality is the update was long overdue.

And done well.

Suck it up, haters.



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