This woman.

Remember when Democrats acted like it was a big deal (literally) for Ana Navarro to join up with Team Obama? Err … the Biden Campaign because you know, she’s some hardcore Republican.

Hilarious, right?

Seems Ana is very upset with Melania Trump for updating the Rose Garden.

Like everyone else on Twitter with an IQ under 80 with far too much free time on their hands:

Wonder if she was filing her nails while she rage-tweeted this?

And c’mon, comparing the garden in full bloom in the spring to the garden the day after it was complete when clearly NOTHING should be blooming. That’s just pathetic, Ana. Desperate and pathetic.

When the TDS is so bad they don’t realize they have TDS … yup, that’s Ana.

Insane and horrid.

That works.

That. ^

Something ugly and dying?


Ana isn’t the only one using the spring photo compared to a summer photo.

Imagine having this much spare time to be pissed off about a garden that has only been IMPROVED for everyone involved?

We thought these people liked progress.



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