This thread from Mike Doran about what is really happening in our cities that even Republican politicians don’t want to talk about or draw attention to is a serious must-read.

And very eye-opening.

Take a look.

And de Blasio does nothing because of social justice or some other happy horsecrap. The entire city of New York is falling apart.

Keep going.

Hard to blame the cops when we’re seeing that CA and other states think of them.


People are GTFO.

Immigrant neighborhoods.

And their people.

AKA Democrats.

All because oRaNgE mAn Bad.

Pretty sure the answer is NOT Joe Biden or Kamala Harris.



Guys, he FOUND IT! Ben Shapiro shares ‘the most biased, stupidest, most ridiculous anti-Trump article of all time’ (congrats WaPo!)

Annnd HERE we go! Former Hillary hack claims Trump calling Kamala Harris ‘phony’ is SEXIST, trips over the MEN he’s called phony as well

Leaked docs show fed govt. nuclear research lab hosted training for ‘white males’ to deconstruct ‘white male culture’ (screenshots)