We knew even before Biden announced Harris as his VP pick that we would hear nothing but ‘that’s sexist’ for every single criticism of whoever he chose. And considering Harris’ somewhat scandalous history we imagine any and ALL criticisms will be met with, STOP BEING SO SEXIST.

Especially from Trump.

Seriously, claiming the word ‘phony’ is a gendered term? Really?

This is a stretch, even for a former Hillary hack like Jennifer Palmieri.

But Kamala IS a phony so there’s that.

And the fact she has a vagina has nothing to do with it.

It’s worth a Google.

Seems like a lot of dudes in there.

Well, we’re pretty sure they’re dudes.

Who knows by today’s standards.

That. ^

Nope. No mention of having a vagina in that definition.

And curtain.



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