We get that CNN and the rest of the Leftist media are trying very, very, very hard to turn Kamala Harris into some great civil rights leader who fought her way through our oppressive systems to come out on top but c’mon … this is some serious BS even for them.

Kamala being chosen for VP is historic? Black people haven’t been in power in America?



Guess Barack Obama being elected TWICE wasn’t historic or his election didn’t break down any barriers.

Or something.

Told you, this was dumb.

You have to wonder if folks like this Democratic strategist really don’t know any better or if they just assume the people watching and listening are – perhaps we should learn to embrace the power of ‘and.’

Something like that.

Hillary shattered the glass ceiling so we figure they’ve gotta toss Kamala a bone.


And true.


Just a thought.

The ‘before times.’


Ain’t THAT the truth?