Darn those white guys and their white whiteness!

Apparently Sandia National Laboratories (which designs our nuclear weapons) decided they needed to reeducate the white men who work there in order to deconstruct their white male culture. Whatever the Hell that means.

Christopher F. Rufo’s thread shows the leaked documents and boy howdy, this is somethin’ else:

Oh good, it was taxpayer-funded as well.

Hey, at least they went to a luxury resort, right?


Sweet baby corn.

Hard working is white male culture?



Heart failure?!



And wow AGAIN.

How dare they be successful at all.

Dude, this can’t be real.

We got nothin’.

Men’s loud or deep voices and/or physical appearance can be intimidating.

You know the face you make when you’re pretty sure your corgi passed gas but you’re not entirely sure so you pause? Yup, just made that face.

This editor who happens to be a white woman would have told these trainers to stick this entire ‘camp’ up their backside.


Companies pay these people to make white men feel like sh*t.


Imagine if they were holding a training like this shaming black men? Or white women?


PS: This was infuriating.



Hope and change?! CNN does NOT correct Dem strategist claiming Kamala Harris breaks ‘barrier’ to leadership for Black Americans