VP Mike Pence spoke up in favor of college football taking place as scheduled this fall. He was speaking for the millions of Americans (and the players!) who so badly want some sort of normalcy, and college football was looking to be just that. Sure, we have MLB back (which is still weird with no crowd) and NHL, but starting the college season on time was a big deal.

And now it looks like it’s going away.

We do want to play.

Not sure why General Michael Hayden thought this was a smart response to Pence advocating for college football but TDS makes people say and do stupid things.

Why would he call Pence an idiot for that?

Even Brit Hume seems surprised.

Admit it … you can hear this in Brit’s voice.

Welcome to 2020, Brit, where everything is either stupid or awful.

Except for corgis.

Corgis rule.

And ice cream.

Otherwise, stupid and awful.

If we’ve learned nothing else from a Trump presidency it’s that the media is ridiculous and some political leaders are seriously broken.

We’re not even surprised anymore.

Sad, right?


‘Nuff said.



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