Yashar Ali found two pictures on Madison Cawthorn’s Instagram from 2017 when the congressional hopeful visited Hitler’s ‘vacation home.’ Seems Yashar is almost implying Cawthorn looks up to Hitler … except of course if you read the captions when he actually calls Hitler a ‘supreme evil.’

Not something you call your hero, right?

C’mon, Yashar. We expect this from other people …

Others had the same thought we did here.

We must never forget history, otherwise, we are doomed to repeat it.

This. ^

Pretty sure it doesn’t mean anything good.

Didn’t Mayor Pete go through something similar?

Oh yeah.

We guess if you visit these horrible places you shouldn’t have a picture taken there.

Or something.

Don’t look at us, we just work here.

We agree.

He is better than this.



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