As Twitchy readers know, Secret Service has confirmed there was an officer-involved shooting near the White House. Trump himself was interrupted during his press conference by Secret Service for his own safety. When the president returned he informed the press there had been a shooting but had no details outside of that.

U.S. Secret Service tweeted this:

To which Greg Pinelo, a so-called Democratic strategist, and ‘Obama ad maker’ responded by insinuating the president had staged the event.

Don’t make that face, we didn’t say it.

Of course, the Obama bro deleted it.

But we grabbed a screenshot of it because we thought he might.

Always keeping it classy on the Left.


No wonder he tried deleting that.

One of the main things you learn covering Twitter is that tweets are FOREVER.

That’s not what people are upset about at all but whatever makes him feel better for his repugnant tweet.



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