Look boys and girls! Ed Markey wants us all to get a bunch of money from the government every month during the pandemic instead of opening the country and letting us all go back to work. Must be nice to have access to money that grows on trees.

Notice Ed doesn’t mention where this magical money will come from.


Ted Cruz was good enough to call him out and mock his idea:



And as usual, Ted Cruz tweets and the Left lose their ever-loving minds. Well, whatever is ‘left’ of them …


No. He struggles with making taxpayers foot the bill and those of us who actually pay taxes are grateful for him doing just that.

This poor group. They try so hard to be edgy and relevant, they were even claiming Twitter was blocking them to help Trump (help Trump, RIGHT). Add this tweet to the rest of their silly fails.

They just don’t get it.

Money doesn’t grow on trees and for the government to give others anything they must first take it from someone else.

Oooh, Ed got fussy and dropped a GD.

Real classy, Ed. Keep it up.

Ted makes them ALMOST as crazy as Trump does. Almost.





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