Guess they don’t really want to defund the police after all.

Well, unless you’re a bunch of white woke progs aka Karens who desperately want to matter.

From the New York Times:

Laurie Cumbo, a Black councilwoman from Brooklyn who is majority leader, compared calls to defund the police to “colonization” pushed by white progressives. Robert Cornegy Jr., a Black councilman also from Brooklyn, called the movement “political gentrification.”

This divide has widened in big cities across the United States, including in Minneapolis after Mr. Floyd was killed at the hands of the police.

Mayor Ras Baraka of Newark, N.J., called defunding the police a “bourgeois liberal” solution for addressing systemic racism.

Even we’ve joked about the number of screaming white, woke, progressive, hairy-legged women we’ve seen at these protests. It hasn’t been about racial or systemic justice for weeks (months?).

So very telling.



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