Dick … sorry … Richard Blumenthal wrote an op-ed for The Washington Post.

From WaPo:

The warning lights are flashing red. America’s elections are under attack.

This week, I reviewed classified materials in the Senate’s Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility and received a similarly classified briefing on malign foreign threats to U.S. elections. I was shocked by what I learned — and appalled that, by swearing Congress to secrecy, the Trump administration is keeping the truth about a grave, looming threat to democracy hidden from the American people. On Friday, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence issued a statement that only hints at the threats.

The facts are chilling. I believe the American public needs and deserves to know them. The information should be declassified immediately.

You’d think ol’ Dick would have figured out after the last FOUR DAMN YEARS that Americans are just not buying this crap anymore, and the ones who do are already so brainwashed it doesn’t matter what is or isn’t happening because OrAnGe MaN bAd.

Ron Johnson took issue with Dick’s crap op-ed:

Beyond the pale is a nice way to say, ‘crap.’

Just sayin’.

Keep going.

Unconscionable, sure.

But predictable.


U.S. Democrat-linked lobbying firm.

Remember folks, Democrats always accuse Republicans of what they’re actually doing.

They should all be ashamed.

But they’re not.

Dick does have a history of not being completely honest.


Seems simple to us. Don’t be [a] Dick.



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