Opinion: Do we even need The Washington Post?

Other opinion: Do we even need Jennifer Rubin?

From WaPo:

In anticipation of President Trump’s loss in November, there is a cottage industry of speculation about the fate of the post-Trump Republican Party. The New York Times’s David Brooks pines for a Republican Party without racism, anti-government animus or unbridled faith in free markets. (The technical term for that might be “the Democratic Party.”) It would be refreshing to see the Republican Party cast off its obsession with old white men in favor of “a cross-racial alliance among working-class whites, working-class Hispanics and some working-class Blacks.” That, however, supposes Hispanic and Black voters have no memory of years of racism and xenophobia, and that the party’s heavily White support is based on something other than racial resentment. Both propositions are questionable.

A Republican Party that does not depend on White grievance and cultural resentment (leading to incessant whining that its members are victims of everything from Facebook to climate scientists to immigrants) and does not depend on what Brooks aptly describes as “an anti-government zombie Reaganism long after Reagan was dead and even though the nation’s problems were utterly different from what they were when he was alive” would frankly not have much to say. After you strip away those two failed themes, what’s left?

Holy crap this is dumb.

Like, a dumb article would walk past this article and say, ‘DAMN, that is one dumb article.’

We suppose she’s trying for hate-clicks and taps but still …

It’s pretty much shite.


Those were the days, eh Democrats?

Jennifer would be fine under a totalitarian regime as long as it wasn’t Trump.

This is what happens to people with serious TDS.

BuT oRaNgE MaN bAd.

Yes. Yes, she is.




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