So much for that whole ‘peaceful protest’ BS.

Guess when the media have no other choice but to cover the violence, looting, and destruction taking place in major cities across the country the whole ‘peaceful protest’ crap goes out the window.

Nothing says you’re fighting for systemic change and justice like looting a Louis Vuitton store and stealing a slick pair of kicks from Nike.

They tried to pretend that it was Trump’s feds that were causing the violence, but even after they left Portland, the violence continued. In fact, it got worse.

Here, sit with us as we watch their silly narrative crumble.

We don’t disagree.

Law and order, baby!

From the Washington Examiner:

Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Minneapolis/St. Paul, New York, and other major cities are experiencing a breakdown of order — violence and conflict that is a mixture of left-wing revolution, racial unrest, and old-fashioned crime. Whatever else they might have in common, all are governed by progressive Democrats, and all owe their current disorder in some part to the failure of progressive Democratic policies on the issue of public safety.

That should be an advantage for a Republican president running for reelection. What is unclear is whether President Trump can make it work for his campaign.

He can.

What has been striking to many observers of the rioting following the May 25 death of George Floyd has been the degree to which local officials allowed — and sometimes seemingly encouraged — the forces of disorder to run wild in their cities.

Democrats have shown they will do nothing unless of course, you’re sunbathing in Chicago, and then Lori Lightfoot will show up and give you a hard time.


Yes, he can.



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