In case you missed it, Joe Biden literally said Black communities are not diverse and implied they all think alike. And then his writers tweeted a thread explaining what he REALLY meant and it all just sort of went away.

Don’t feel too bad if you missed it because the media didn’t really cover what he said.

Democrats always get a pass.

Truly a luxury.

We can’t imagine doing it, no. Can we imagine the media doing it?


Look at this hot mess (and yes, we know, CNN is gonna CNN):

Personal statement.


No way he wrote that.

And look how quickly he moves on … wow.

Gotta keep that anti-Trump narrative rolling.

Media were far too busy being outraged over the way Trump pronounces Thailand to bother with Biden’s literal and actual racist comments about how the Black community is not diverse and cannot think for themselves.

Funny how that works.

If Trump had said something like that it would be 24/7 coverage on all the outlets right now and there would be a new wave of protests.

But since it was Biden, they are letting it slide.




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