As Twitchy readers know, Joe Biden once again said what he really thinks about Black Americans and claimed they were not a diverse community. Traditional media was far too busy reporting on Trump mispronouncing ‘Thailand’ to notice another one of Biden’s racist and embarrassing gaffes BUT we caught it.

In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if people on the Left only found out about the comments AFTER Joe’s team of Obama writers came to his rescue to clarify what he REALLY meant.

Take a look.

60k people ‘liked’ this tweet.


And no WAY Joe knows what monolith means, let alone could he spell it.

Throughout his nearly 50-year-long career, Biden has shown himself to be a true Democrat.

Racist and all.

No apology.


You’d think the lackeys who spent years writing for Obama would do a better job than this.


Well, that remains to be seen. The person who actually wrote the tweets may not be a racist POS like Biden.


Joe once again said the quiet part out loud.



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