Math is super racist ya’ know.

No, seriously.

There are some teachers, educators, and professors out there who plan on teaching this to their students.

Take a look:

Alrighty then.

Keep going.

Hoo boy.

Told you this was a doozy.

Revising. Redefining. Distorting.

Anything to push their new narrative even if that means making ridiculous claims about 2+2.

It’s all so exhausting.

True or false is a white supremacist thing.


None of this makes any sense to this editor.

Which is probably not a terrible thing considering how ridiculous it is.




Go ahead and try balancing a checkbook using ‘bird songs,’ let us know how that works outs.

Truth is apparently racist as well.

Or something?

You know what? We have no idea.

Good ol’ social justice.

All of those white supremacists controlling Algebra … bast*rds!

This. ^

Math is apparently on your side as well.

Well, real math.

Woke math? Not so much.

Insane works.



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