White fragility.


That’s a thing now apparently …

Because as a white person you should be ok with someone accusing you of being racist even when you’re not because if you’re not ok with it you’re fragile.

Or something.

Don’t make that face, we think it’s even dumber than you do:

From Christianity Today:

White Fragility has to do with how quickly white people respond with anger and defensiveness in conversations about race. DiAngelo has found in years of diversity training and research that white people respond to these discussions with strikingly similar responses, like the white man who pounded his fist at one seminar, exclaiming out loud, “A white person can’t get a job anymore!” (p. 1). Yet, he is completely oblivious to the fact that 38 of the 40 employees gathered were white. “Why,” DiAngelo asks, “is he being so careless about the impact of his anger? Why doesn’t he notice the effect this outburst is having on the people of color in the room?”

Sorry, we are calling BS on the angry white dude banging his fist on a table.

DiAngelo notes that people who are white tend to have little “racial stamina” for these discussions. Central to this and the concomitant “fragility” she describes comes from how we define racism.

If, as she argues most whites do, we define racism as “intentional acts of racial discrimination committed by immoral individuals,” (p. 8) it’s easy to see why we would defend ourselves at the notion we might be racist.

White people have zero tolerance for being framed as racists.

Gosh, talk about a bunch of monsters.


All the eye rolls.

Yes, yes it is.

Sort of like the whole ‘white savior’ thing we see taking place on the Left.


Now, according to Ed’s bio, he is on a social media break right now and only the tweets he ‘signs’ are actually from him … maybe he should have a talk with whoever is running his account during his absence.

Just sayin’.



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