We saw this video posted on Facebook by @e2pilot. Typically we write about tweets that we, of course, find on Twitter but no matter how much we searched for the gal responsible for this epic video about wearing a mask we were unable to locate her on the social media giant.

So we decided to share the video with you directly from YouTube.

Note: If you happen to know who this YouTuber is or how we can credit her please give us a holler.

Watch … it really is one of the best things you’ll see today UNLESS of course you are someone who wears a mask because you think it makes you a good person.

This may well be one of the best YouTube videos we’ve seen … ever.

And she managed to use humor to make great points about what is happening with these mask mandates and COVID regulations and how it all goes far beyond simply ‘flattening the curve.’

Funny and yet scary stuff.



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