Now, why oh why would the Left be working SO HARD to keep Joe Biden from debating President Trump? You’d think they would want him to get up on that stage and put the ‘bad orange man’ in his place, right? This just seems like a total admission that Joe can’t debate let alone run a country or the free world.

You know it’s really bad when Kurt Eichenwald is suggesting ways for Joe to bail:

Kurt … dude … really?

You know if Kurt thinks it’s a good idea it’s not.


Tentacles. Gotta make sure that ‘n’ is in there.

The tentacle thing ain’t ever going away, Kurt.



Jill probably helps write some of his tweets and you know she’s down in the basement when they put the old guy in front of his fake bookcase to speak or do a safe ‘interview’ with CNN or something.

Now that is an interesting point.

Trump could show mercy to Joe since the Democrats seem to be AOK with his being used and abused in this way.

Can you imagine? It would just be painful. He destroyed Hillary who was actually pretty sharp … for a Democrat.




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