As Twitchy readers know, S.E. Cupp took it upon herself to build a sort of ‘wish list’ for a president as an attempt to dunk on President Trump. It’s about all she does these days which is pretty sad considering she used to be somebody we could write about in a positive way.

Lately though? WOOF.

The list was so bad we found an entire thread taking it apart point by point so we had to share it.

It was a moral imperative or something …

Take a look.

We shall.

Not to mention we heard a rumor that once the numbers hit a pandemic level they actually stopped testing for the virus.

*adjusts tinfoil hat*

Some people have been working from home and away from their offices for 21 weeks or more now.

So much for that whole two-week thing.

Excellent point.

They pushed Obamacare through on the night of Christmas Eve.

Biden has spent most of his time recording in front of a fake bookcase in his basement.

Plagiarism. Should we touch on that one? Ukraine? Tara Reade?

Oof and oof.

Oh good, there’s Ukraine.

Hard for Trump to avoid impeachment when a-hole Democrats were talking about impeaching him the day he took office.

Nobody does corruption like Biden.

And that’s a boom.



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