Usually when we come across a cringe video of Joe Biden getting lost mid-sentence or forgetting where he is we focus on Sleepy Joe. But the look on Elizabeth Warren’s face as she witnesses what the rest of the two dozen or so viewers were seeing during this podcast says it all.

She completely ‘freezes’ to try and keep from reacting but watch her eyes …

Awkward, yeah?

And c’mon, we’ve never accomplished it?


You know what? Never mind.

Honestly, that’s where this editor is as well. It’s almost not fun to mock Biden at this point … ok, so it’s still a little bit fun but not as fun as it was to mock Hillary Clinton. He’s just not all there.

Honestly, it’s shocking. To think he was sharp for him back in March.


Everyone can see it.

The whole damn thing is weird.

It’s gotta be eating her up inside, right?



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