Democrats are in trouble when even anti-Trump folks are voting Trump.

All they had to do was not be crazy because clearly there were plenty of folks on the Right who were not comfortable with Trump, including this editor. Having watched what the Left and media have pulled and become over the past four years though, this editor would crawl over broken glass and run through a flaming brick wall to vote for him this time.

And a big part of that, like with this tweep, has to do with how absolutely repugnant Democrats and the Left have shown themselves to be.

Take a look:

Hang in there.

We told you this person is anti-Trump.

Told you.

On that note, we’re not entirely sure a moral, responsible adult could actually deal with the mess the Left has made …


Told you. Again.

Democrats have driven people who didn’t (don’t) care for Trump to actually vote for Trump.

The president should send them a ‘thank you’ card and dozens of cookies for the help in his re-election.



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