This person voicing frustration over the loss of his father and not being able to have more than 10 people at his funeral is sadly not unique. But his tweet in response to the obviously large funeral John Lewis was allowed to have really got the attention of those in social media. Nearly 70k people ‘liked’ his tweet.

Here’s the thing. His dad WAS important.

To him.

And his family.

The double standard is abhorrent.

Not sure why this local ABC affiliate guy felt the need to chime in buuuuut here we are:

It did not seem like an attack at all.

Only the elite deserve a big funeral ya’ know.

Perhaps if he can’t say something respectful or supportive he should just not say anything at all.

Ahem. ^

Pretending one life was more valuable than another is not a great look.

So his death doesn’t matter as much.

Keep on digging that hole, Wendell.

Gotta love it when elites lecture the little people.

Oh wait, nope.



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