Welp, they locked Donald Trump Jr. for daring to share the video of legit doctors talking about the benefits of HCQ for patients with COVID-19. You have to ask yourself WHY they’d lock him for simply sharing a video …

What’s the agenda here, Twitter? We’ve been talking for years about how they censor the Right and more and more we’re seeing proof of that.

This though?

This is pretty big:

They locked Trump Jr. for sharing a video. Think about that for a minute.

This is ‘Big Tech’ absolutely using its power to try and sway an election … it didn’t work in 2016 so you’d think they’d have figured out it won’t work now but here we are.

It’s all about making an example ya’ know.

Take out the big dogs and the little dogs will stop yapping.

Unless they’re conservative dogs and then they just bark louder.

They’re terrified Trump will win in November.


That’s it.



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