Elon Musk got a little too honest in a tweet about the Left today.

Ok, not too honest for us (we kinda, sorta loved it) but the Left … they didn’t seem to dig on it. Like at all.

Probably because the truth hurts.


But he’s not wrong.

Scott Presler is so damn cool.


We need more Scott Preslers.


This sums Biden up perfectly.

This right here. THIS is how they’re losing the middle by pushing a culture of cancellation if you step out of line.

Oh, and burning their own cities down … that’s probably pissing people off as well.


You know how we know Elon’s right?

Because the Left lost their shiznit.

Sure. The bazillionaire doesn’t know anything.

Totally onto him.

Umm … no.



Their meltdown all but proved Elon’s point, you know?

See what we mean?



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