You guys remember Andy Slavitt, right? He used to be in charge of Obamacare. He is also the guy who wrote lengthy threads about how we were all GOING TO DIE from COVID in March and April. We know this because we spent a good about of time making fun of him and his threads.

Like the one he wrote just yesterday about how we could eliminate the virus if we decide to … heck, even The Hill wrote about, which tells you how ridiculous they’ve become:

Look at this hot mess:

This is a doozy so we suggest you grab some popcorn and get comfy.

A matter of weeks.


Remember when they told us it would only take two weeks to flatten the curve?


He has yet to bring up any country even remotely close in population to the U.S.

But ok.


Notice those 4-6 weeks are leading up to the election in November.

Not enough time for the economy to rebound so Trump would be held accountable.

Need a doctor or a nurse? Sorry.

Need groceries? Sorry.


More money from the government.



*so many eye rolls*

If you’re still with us … wow.

You’re tougher than we are.

So easy.

Where are people running out of PPE?


So live in fear or else.

Man, this is freakin’ long.

This guy really loves the ‘sound’ of his own voice.

Annnd he had to go there.


Long-a*s thread just to make a final dig at Trump.

We already did the lockdown thing, Andy.

But hey, thanks for another fun thread to mock and write about. Job security ya’ know.



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