Sounds like a bunch of doctors championing hydroxychloroquine as a solution for COVID-19 spooked the media, Lefties, and of course the ‘experts’. Today, we are seeing a ton of effort being made by these very groups to condemn the drug and insist the doctors who said otherwise are wrong.

Because you know, the media know better than a bunch of doctors.

Sharyl Attkisson also mentioned outlets like Washington Post are copying a Media Matters’ story when they ask her about her HCQ report:

From Full Measure News:

We found that of 11 members reporting links to a drug company, nine of them named relationships to remdesivir’s maker Gilead. Seven more, including two of the committee’s leaders, have ties to Gilead beyond the 11 months they had to disclose. Two were on Gilead’s advisory board. Others were paid consultants or received research support and honoraria. Nobody reported ties to hydroxychloroquine which is now made by numerous generic manufacturers and is so cheap, analysts say even a spike in sales would not be a financial driver for the companies.

In the end, politics and money aside, at least some scientists aren’t ready to count hydroxychloroquine out of the coronavirus equation. Even if others already have.

Sharyl: Is it possible that it’s not one or the other— that hydroxychloroquine could be used in a certain setting, maybe for preventive if you find out that works, and the other drug could be used in other settings?

Dr. O’Neill: No, Absolutely. I think, I think that it’s just still very early in this disease process that we’re going to learn lot. There’s 600 studies that are being done in the United States right now on Covid to see all sorts of different kinds of infections and combinations. We’re going to be a lot smarter at the end of the summer. So I think what I would just say to everybody, just hold your powder.

As Sharyl said, ‘See how it works?’ Her article is actually pretty well balanced but since she doesn’t condemn the drug they’re trying to discredit her.

Honestly, they’re working hard to smear the drug itself and any person who advocates for its use. Look how disgusting they’ve been with Dr. Stella Immanuel.

Because of course they took it down. We can’t have doctors giving people hope so close to the election ya’ know.

This was tweeted seven hours ago and boy howdy, was this person right. It’s the top trend on Twitter this morning, how the FDA claims HCQ does not work. Article after article trying to smear the doctors, claiming people are dying because ‘Trump bad’ …

Predictable a-holes, ain’t they?



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