Stephen Hayes is headed over to the network that supports people like Al Sharpton, Joy Reid, Chuck Todd, Chris Hayes, and a plethora of insanely unhinged Leftists. Guess holding onto those conservative principles (ha!) is really paying off.

We all know how much NBC loves talking to so-called conservatives who hate their own party.


Hayes shared the news himself (you guys notice he looks very different in his Twitter avi?):

How’s that whole #NeverTrumper thing working out for you, Stephen? NBC, really?!

Deranged hoaxers of a feather flock together.

You know, that’s true AND it rhymes.


He’ll fit right in with NBC.

Oh yes, remember that? The Dispatch boys left Fox News because Tucker Carlson is a threat to our democracy.

This analogy actually does work.

Nice to see Stephen didn’t sell his soul for nothin’.



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