We don’t know why they have these stupid hearings … all Democrats do is pretend they’re big and bad, asking stupid questions they never actually allow the person being ‘interviewed’ to answer. All it really is is an opportunity for them to pound on their chests so their vapid bases will think they’re fighting for them.

Seriously, watching them today interviewing Barr? What a joke.

If they are attacking a federal building they are indeed attacking the U.S. government which in turn justifies their intervention. Not to mention these mayors are more than happy to sit back and watch their cities wrecked by a bunch of Antifa thugs.

This ain’t rocket science, folks.

They’re basically domestic terrorists at this point.

Sorry, so not sorry.


Why is this so hard?

Why is there any argument at ALL?!

Shouldn’t this just not be acceptable, period the end?

Barr doesn’t seem to be sweatin’ any of this.

Awesome, ain’t it?



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