As Twitchy readers know, glorified, blue-check Twitter troll Soledad O’Brien made an ugly, snide dig at Janice Dean for her disgust with Fauci claiming New York handled COVID the right way. You know, the state responsible for nearly a third of all American deaths and for infecting other hotspots around the country.

Considering it was Cuomo’s death policy ordering sick people into nursing homes that killed Dean’s father and mother-in-law you’d think she has every right to call BS on what Fauci said. But since she’s a meteorologist Soledad didn’t think her opinion mattered.

Or something.

Maybe she just felt like being a troll:

We are seeing Soledad’s true colors come out and they are NOT great.

Welp, Soledad was dragged pretty epically in the Twittersphere but nobody wrecked her quite so succinctly as Megyn Kelly.

And you know how we know what she wrote hit home? Soledad whined about it.

A lot.

Blah blah blah.

*** updated ***

Megyn fired back:

Soledad doubled-down because of course she did:

Such a small person.


*** update ends ***

You know, the guy who actually wore black face?

Trump broke her.

And yes, she has become a mean girl.

She wasn’t always like this.

Because you know, none of the reactions to her crappy, disrespectful tweet is her fault.


Every blonde lady tweeting at her and undermining Fauci.

Ugh, this broad.

See? Megyn nailed it.



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