Welp, Democrats really, really, really need the country to fall apart if they want any sort of chance at winning in November but gosh, even a pandemic can’t seem to ‘kill’ our economy.

Womp-womp, Sleepy Joe:

From the Wall Street Journal:

U.S. retail sales rose for the second straight month in June as malls and restaurants reopened and consumers bought big-ticket items, but a recent increase in coronavirus cases could again damp spending.

The Commerce Department on Thursday said retail sales—a measure of purchases at stores, at restaurants and online—increased a seasonally adjusted 7.5% on the month. Retail sales totaled $524.3 billion in June, up from $487.7 billion in May and nearly back to pre-pandemic levels.

Nearly back to pre-pandemic levels.

Boo and YAH.

Year over year.


Can’t stop America. Nope.



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