These COVID reporting errors wouldn’t be so freakin’ horrific if governors weren’t using the data to make decisions about which ‘freedoms’ they will allow their citizens to partake. Not to mention the joy the Left and the media (same difference, we know) seem to experience watching cases climb in red states like Texas.

Well, supposedly climb.

Just like what we saw with reporting errors in Florida, we’re seeing errors in Texas as well.

Big ones it seems:

Just how many departments have made this ‘mistake’?



Alex Berenson, one of the loudest voices against shutting our country down over COVID, had this to add:

Large-scale errors.


Errors that could keep kids from going back to school.

Errors that could force businesses to close.

Errors that could cost people their jobs.



‘Our bad.’

Sadly, we’re starting to wonder if ‘smoke and mirrors’ are being used all across the country with these numbers.



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