Sweet baby Jeebus, could this story be any more melodramatic and ridiculous?

Abbott is making teachers teach in the fall so they’re writing their wills.

They’re just NOW writing their wills? Seriously?


From Newsweek:

“Many of our teachers, staff, or their family members have underlying health conditions that would place them at severe risk of the contract COVID-19,” wrote Poole on Monday. “While parents are given options to send their children to school or stay home for virtual instruction, teachers and staff do not have that option.”

“It’s pretty atrocious that in preparation for returning to school this fall, teachers are writing wills, getting medical power of attorney established, and taking out extra life insurance,” tweeted teacher Jessica Schwinn on Saturday. “This country has chosen it’s priorities. It’s money over people.”

Notice we didn’t see stories about essential employees on the actual frontlines during the worst of the pandemic writing their wills. No stories about grocery store shelf stockers needing to write their wills because working would KILL THEM.

This really is such a stupid and obnoxious take.


Odd, indeed.

We thought it sold for $1?




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